Initial Consultation

You’ve reached out and an appointment has been made with the agent of your choice. In this initial meeting, your agent will help you narrow your home search by defining criteria that are most important to you in a home.

Mortgage Loan Pre-approval

At Spring Hill, we make this step as easy and stress free as possible. We have agents in-house from our sister company, NFM Lending (insert hyperlink). These agents are on hand to provide lighting fast loan pre-approval, whenever you may need it. Yes, they are available 24/7 so that when you’re matched with your dream home, the process of owning it is much shorter and easier than with other brokerages.

Tour Homes

Your agent has compiled a list of homes meeting your criteria and will work with you to set up walk-through of each. He or she is knowledgeable enough to advise you of the home’s true market value and point out its pros and cons, and will notify you of new homes that match your criteria in your desired location.

Make an Offer

When you have found “the one”, an exciting process begins to unfold. Your agent will present a written offer and deposit to your potential seller. Negotiations begin if and when the seller accepts and makes a counteroffer.

Reach an Agreement

This is where your agent’s negotiations skills will really come in handy! They can help you get a great deal on the home you choose. They will serve as the mediator and make sure that you and the seller agree on everything including final price and closing date. Your agent will then distribute a contract of sale to you, the seller, and any other involved parties for review. The deposit money is placed in escrow and an attorney should review the documents to make sure everything checks out.

Home Appraisal & Inspections

Your agent will have a few contacts that can be useful to you and may be able to suggest a home appraisal specialist that can give the property a thorough inspection for financing purposes. You should also consider have your desired property inspected for pests, mold/mildew, any cracks in the foundation, & and any other issues that may cause problems down the road. Your agent will help resolve these problems between you and the seller.

Title & Insurance

Along with an in-house mortgage service, we have an integrated title company, JDM Title (insert hyperlink). Their agents are available to facilitate the title process whenever is convenient for you.


At this point, you will have been made aware of all closing costs including any adjustments made. Your agent has confirmed the settlement date and time with the seller. A final walkthrough has been conducted, ensuring that everything about the property is in the agreed upon condition at the time of sale. Your agent will accompany you to the closing and be by your side as you sign the mortgage and other documents, and the seller is present to give you the keys and title upon finalization.


You are now the proud owner of your dream property, all thanks to your perseverance and with the assistance of Spring Hill Real Estate. Your agent will follow up with you after closing to make sure everything is in order and that you aren’t experiencing any problems, and will be able to make you recommendations in the future regarding the upkeep of your home. Thank you for the opportunity to help you buy the property you’ve always wanted.